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DJ Gear Spare Parts

Our range of DJ gear spare parts allows users to keep their precious DJ consoles, mixers and lights in perfect working order with spare motors, cross faders and fader & pot caps. Never get caught out with gear that isn’t working right or is missing a cap- our range of awesome value for money solutions will keep you running!

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  1. 1. Mixer Parts

    Parts-Cap Metal.250VDC Cap

    Parts-Cap Metal.250VDC Cap

    Parts-Cap - Hi Qual Metal.250VDC Cap


    In Stock

  2. P03 X-Fader Crossover for Mynx Mixer

    P03 X-Fader Crossover for Mynx Mixer

    X-Fader Crossover for Mynx Mixer


    In Stock

  3. 2. Pumps

    P200 BL-HAZE150 Pump Close Up View

    P200 BL-HAZE150 Pump

    Pump for BL-HAZE150


    In Stock

Our workshop and warehouse stocks an extensive range of spare parts for DJ equipment, sound systems and equipment, amplifiers, DJ CD players, etc. Please phone our workshop at DJ City's Dandenong store to discuss your spare parts needs.