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Take a Look at Our Range of PA Systems for Sale

If you’re a professional performer – or own a venue that is looking to regularly host professional performers – it’s vital to have a reliable public address system that will deliver excellent sound, night after night. Both performers and audiences alike will appreciate a public address system that sounds excellent and provides reliable performance throughout the entire day or night, and that’s just what we have on sale at DJ City.

We offer both permanent-installation and portable PA systems for sale. If you’re running a venue, then you want to make an investment on a hardy and reliable public address system that draws in crowds and provides everybody with sound suitable for professional performers.

If you’re DJing, singing, playing or generally performing on the road – whether that’s at festivals, on the street, or anywhere else you can get a gig – then our portable PA systems provide an ideal solution. They can be set up almost anywhere, as we have both mains power-capable and battery-powered products on offer. Many of our products come with simple, effective mixers that can attach to a single speaker, meaning you won’t need a table or elevated surface for your set-up.

Buskers and mobile performers will find our battery-powered public address systems perfect, as many of them boast over three hours of sustained operation time and sound excellent in any situation or context.

Take a look at our extensive range of microphones, recorders, mixers, speakers and amplifiers below. It’s safe to say that we can fully cater for your performance needs with the range of PA systems we have for sale.